La performance des administrateurs
et des dirigeants

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Chronostrat - Solutions de la gamme Stratelio

A leader's activities and strategy

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Teamstrat - Solutions de la gamme Stratelio

Establishing the driving force of a leading team

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L’intelligence collective d’une équipe au service de la performance et de la pérennité

Daniel BOS, Dirigeant fondateur de STRATELIO

Presentation of Stratelio in video

Comment trouver SA place, sa Vocation, son Soi dans un monde en perte de repères ?

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DynaStrat® : More than an HR assessment tool

Our brain defines our preferences according to the strength of our desires and emotions. When we wish to think or act, our brain analyses our desire and lets out positive energy which increases the more our project contributes to our well-being. By combining the teachings of Jung and neuroscientists, DynaStrat helps us adapt our working axes to our driving forces. DynaStrat is an innovative and flexible French method used for leadership and top management development, which is now used in several languages and abroad.
DynaStrat is designed to:

  • identify professional preferences and strengths
  • outline the causes of hesitation, stress and obstacles to personal fulfilment
  • help implement a strategy adapted to an individual's professional life

DynaStrat, a french personality assessment

ChronoStrat® : Action and performance

ChronoStrat defines the time you spend on your work axes and saves you from achieving a boring analysis of your timetable.
Is the time spent on your activities in line with your professional responsibilities and objectives ?
Designed on the same model as DynaStrat, the two complementary mappings represent two performance axes: Energy + Time.

BoardStrat® : The dynamics of a Board

BoardStrat® is designed so that the Board, and each of its members with the DireStrat®, become aware of the challenges of the collective work of their Board of Directors or Supervisory Board and deepen together the performance logics to be implemented in the service of the shareholders and the long-term success of the company.