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A leader's activities and strategy

ChronoStrat represents the allocation of your working time in different axes. Is this distribution in line with your responsibilities and objectives ?

A tool very closed to the reality

With its six versions : Director - SME Leader - Group Leader – Manager – Commercial - Business Manager ChronoStrat defines the time you spend on your work axes and saves you from achieving a boring analysis of your timetable.
Is the time spent on your activities in line with your professional responsibilities and objectives ?
Designed on the same model as DynaStrat, the two complementary mappings represent two performance axes: Energy + Time.

How ChronoStrat helps you

Identifying your working axes

ChronoStrat is a quick and easy questionnaire which presents the mapping of one of your performance axes: time. It represents the allocation of your time between the different tasks to be completed.

Optimizing your productivity

When taking responsibility, individual assessment, coaching, ChronoStrat® is an ideal base for an awareness of your lines of action.
ChronoStrat® allows you to compare the results to your function definition, your annual assessment, your queries about your essential responsibilities; the tasks you delegate and those you must do in person.
Is this my role ? Is it really essential ? Would someone on my team not be proud and motivated to act under my responsibility ? etc...

Optimizing your energy

Is the time you spend in line with your objectives or preferences ?
ChronoStrat gives you the possibility of optimizing your performance strategy.

DynaStrat + ChronoStrat

The two mappings are complementary and built on the same presentation model. It offers a direct vision of two performance axes: action drivers and time. A powerful tool to be discovered !



and then...

Your consultant gives you mappings during a meeting. You can then compare the subject fields which interest you most and the ones which you put aside unconsciously. Beginning of the questioning ...

Would you like to know why you give priority to these time-consuming activities? Would they correspond to you energy preferences ?

Our experts thus appreciate the DynaStrat - ChronoStrat combination to introduce, encourage or reestablish specific working methods.

Are you specialized in professional developement ?

The Stratelio product range is an innovative added value which attracts our clients through its original features, approach and accurate analysis.
Would you like to know more ?
Stratelio offers training and certification sessions applied to the use of its products..

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A leader's strategy and dynamism

A leader's strategy and dynamism

Establishing the driving force of a leading team

Establishing the driving force of a leading team