The Board director's dynamics and the functioning of your Board

Tools and processes applied to a strategy of progress for the corporate governance

An pedagogical and innovative tool

In the same analytical logic as our two others families DynaStrat® et ChronoStrat®, we provide to the Boards and - more generally- to the world of the corporate governance, a very pedagogical and innovative tool.
Our conviction, in conformity with our values : animated by its President , the Board must decide a real operating strategy to achieve its objectives choosen together.
Therefore, three work steps :

  • For each Board Director, a questionary DireStrat® directly on line (20 mn)
  • The synthesis, BoardStrat®, in the form of anonymized cards reflecting the collective eye of the directors on the functioning of their Board
  • A collective work, animated by the President and / or an expert consultant in corporate governance to optimize its functioning, to adapt it to the new challenges and to create a better efficiency.


BoardStrat and the Compliance

Gouvernance, recently treated as such in the western countries, has led companies to organize internal operating rules and to check their compliance. Compliance, still poorly known except in the very large groups with multiple and global shareholding, is an important complementary step within and at the service of corporate governance.

Compliance consists of aiming to comply with operating rules external to the company, such as laws, regulations or compliance with good business practices. The aim is to ensure stable and recognized contractual relations with its suppliers, its economic and social partners and to focus on key points such as data protection or the prevention of certain risks, particularly in financial matters.

Hence, more generally, the exercise of compliance as corporate governance work concerning the protection of the brand image of the company. BoardStrat leads to identify the real practices of the company in the matter, to specify them and to treat , in the Board and with the management , points as important as the intellectual property or the impacts of the social or environmental policies.

Of course, this so-called "compliance" work is only a contribution to the Board's dynamics and cannot at any time replace the discussions and decisions of the Board directors. Our affirmation : the Law in the service of the people finds of course here one of its applications.

BoardStrat ®, basis of a corporate governance training

In order, for the Board, to be able to build a real collegiate intelligence and culture, Stratelio has integrated in the BoardStrat® process, training packages in relation with the twelve main task families of the Boards, recognized both in Europe and in North America..

Depending on the needs expressed or revealed by the initial works, an Expert consultant in corporate governance can lead the Board to verify or deepen the meaning and content of the different topics..

Our experts, trained and certified BoardStrat®, are all specialists and training professionals in corporate governance.

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A leader's strategy and dynamism

A leader's strategy and dynamism

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Establishing the driving force of a leading team