Becoming Certified

Our tools are used by Coaches, Team Coaches, Consultants, Outplacement specialists, HR Professionals, Corporate Governance Experts to support their clients.

Who can be certified ?

These tools make it possible to approach, with a very strong discernment, but without value judgment, the fields of professional performance based on the most recent scientific or normative bases..
They allow you to diversify your methods and provide your clients with a flexible approach, with many possibilities of exploitation..
DynaStrat® et ChronoStrat® are ideal tools to set up or strengthen any coaching or consultancy project. Reflecting individual preferences, the approach is viewed as attractive and an excellent introduction to specific working methods. .
BoardStrat® - with DireStrat® - is clearly indicated for the professional experts in corporate governance .

Training - Certification

To train its experts, Stratelio has established a specific training course for each tool. In addition to training in the analysis of results, Stratelio attaches a fundamental importance to the presentation of the scientific and technical bases that underpin its processes and tools.
Stratelio wants that beyond the analysis, the users get involved and fully understand the basic dimension of the concepts implemented. Our first book, Your energy, it's you ! (only in French) , presents the most essential knowledge to understand and appropriate the relevance of the tool
Our trainings have a three-part content :

  • The proven knowledge of the laws, mechanisms and scientific and technical knowledge that underlie all our tools
  • The precise knowledge of the logics and practices of the use of our tools and work processes
  • The delivery of a pedagogical logic that we have designed in detail to mobilize and at the same time respect each client.

Each tool therefore has adapted training sessions taking into account their specificity and complexity :

  • DynaStrat®/TeamStrat ® : neuroscience.
  • ChronoStrat ®/TimeStrat ® : the time
  • BoardStrat ®/DireStrat ® : the meaning of the corporate governance

Certifications by Stratelio

Who can be certified ?

Each tool has its own certification. These certifications apply to all people who have a real commitment in a coaching job (coaching, consulting, outplacement, search, career guidance ...) and with proven professional experience.


After a meeting with Stratelio, the candidate answers a questionary DynaStrat, ChronoStrat or DireStrat. This latter results in a full individual assessment (for exemple, for DynaStrat®, about 3 hours ).
At the end of this step, each party is free to accept or refuse to move on to the next one.
Stratelio, at this stage, reserves the right, at its discretion, not to accept any candidate for certification

Certification process

Stratelio has created a specific training for each tool.
For exemple, for DynaStrat®, the certification contains several stages : several days of training and an individual follow-up at the beginning.
After the certification, the candidate is integrated into the network of independant licensees.


Certified coaches and consultants have asked us to set up long-term support in the form of supervision . Indeed, they perceive that, behind a simple and structured appearance, they have in their hands tools with a great fineness of analysis on the factors underlying the performance of their clients.
Their feelings are fully in line with Stratelio ideas : we never considered giving automated results. The expert is indispensable ; the results can be read on several levels, and only an expert is able to adapt his restitution according to the needs and perception of his client.
Since 2017, we have set up a "supervision" practice for the DynaStrat® range. The practice of DynaStrat® is now conditioned - for at least one year after the certification - by a periodic collective and individualized supervision.
Our supervision consists of practical work : collectively and individually

  • Check the relevance of the practice
  • Deepen the key points of analysis
  • Link analysis to the training
  • Allow to better personalize for each client the analysis and the process of restitution defined.

The license contract

Independent license holders

Stratelio-process users are independent, the certification does not create any relationship of subordination and each company preserves its full independence.

Transmission of know-how

Stratelio develops specific methods and support tools transmitted to participants during training seminars.

Annual convention

The license holders take part in an annual Stratelio convention, an opportunity to discuss and exchange information on updates and adaptations.

A large and friendly network

Signing a license contract is an authentic reciprocal guarantee. The license holders become part of a network which organizes numerous debates and encounters.

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