About us ?

The founders of an innovative approach to support Board Directors, Leaders, Managers and their Teams

Personality assessment specialists

Stratelio is a company specialized in the foundation and development of tools and processes for executives and directors of companies and their close teams.
Stratelio produces and markets leading-edge innovative and flexible tools at the heart of surprising and original working methods designed for the professionals of leadership development.
Its success is based on "personality assessment" tools without value judgment: the key factors of sustainable performance and professional productivity are analyzed with regards to the energy used by an individual or a team to meet specific objectives.
Product of cross-disciplinary research and the experience of Stratelio in-house experts or members of its network, these innovative tools constitute an incomparable way of setting up a face-to-face conversation or ensuring productive team work.
Tools and working methods are exclusively applied by experienced consultancy professionals who have received the appropriate training and certification.

Experts of the world of leaders

Stratelio's strength resides not only in the way it relies on the best scientific knowledge, but also in its original mapping, as it considers the viewpoint of experienced leaders from different countries and firms of all sizes.
The Consultants who use our tools never fail to attract their clients' attention: the latter indeed find, in our different mappings, the key elements of their questions and points of action.
Our experts therefore succeed in analyzing the fundamental issue of the long-term performance of leaders and their teams, and provide their clients with solutions and ideas on how to progress.

A cross-disciplinary team

A three-year experience at the head of a cross-disciplinary team enabled Daniel BOS to launch DynaStrat, then TeamStrat in 2011.
Then, ChronoStrat® with 6 different versions with its Team Building le TimeStrat® in 2015.
And in 2017, launch of the BoardStrat® et its Director's questionary the DireStrat®.
Scientists, psychologists, IT specialists of course, but also high-profile leaders and academics inspired Daniel BOS to design tools which provide an innovative summary of their contribution.
Practical experts intervene directly to work on constantly improving and adapting the different tools of the Stratelio product range.

You wish to know our Tools ?

Stratelio will be happy to present them to you to analyze with you their relevance in relation to your activity and your clients.