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Stratelio a lancé une collection d’ouvrages de référence

L’Energie de l’être humain et son rôle dans la découverte et la maîtrise de Soi : « Votre énergie, c’est vous !», déjà réédité compte tenu de son succès, en relation avec le DynaStrat® et le HeadStrat®

Les Conseils d’administration et de Surveillance et leurs nouvelles logiques de mission et de performance : « Donnez du souffle à votre Gouvernance », en relation avec le BoardStrat®

En préparation : le prochain ouvrage portant sur le sens du temps et sa portée au service de la performance individuelle et collective dans la vie professionnelle, en relation avec les ChronoStrat®

Régulièrement Stratelio revoit, actualise et poursuit son itinéraire d’innovation sur les produits et outils actuels et ceux à venir


L’intelligence collective d’une équipe au service de la performance et de la pérennité

To achieve your balance and performance in your professional life

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Like the Universe, each human being lives with the energy.

Initially undestood as a simple impulse, this energy is, in fact, a global system that affects our well-being and our harmony throughout our live.

Your energy is you ! uses the lessons of the extraordinary results learned from the best neuroscientists all over ther world and those from Jung's work to make sense in a new learning perspective in the business prac tices.

Then, through living examples, it gives a few keys for the business world of toworrow, marked by the arrival of the digital revolution and the new relationship to space and time. It provides for everyone a way to succeed throughout his career and illustrate it by a long-term perspective essential to leaders, managers, begginners or seniors.

Your energy, it's you !
An original and innovative synthesis to adapt our working axes to our driving forces

Our brain is our energy trigger

Our brain is, at the same time, a producer, a distributor and a consumer of our energy. It is working all the time, from our conception to the end of our life.

Everybody is an balancing performer

Our brain is always looking for our balance : If we find it, we increase our positive energy ; if not, we have to face an excessive consumption of our energy… very disruptive for our balance.

Our energetic strategy

Our balance guides us to choose, most often unconsciously, the way we act according to set objectives and focus our energy to meet them in the best possible way. The Stratelio tools allow us to become aware and so, to be able to build a real strategy to perform our professional life.