Our Values

Every human being has its own existence and total originality

The notion of a look-alike is the absolute opposite of the reality of the human adventure : we spend our live trying to understand and accept our differences and therefore ourselves!
The more we become aware of our personality, the more we are able to deal calmly and truthfully with the most complex and painful moments of our live.
Conversely, it is often these moments, these "life's challenges" that help us to become more aware of ourselves and of the world, to progress.

Knowledge and self-acceptance engender our ability to connect with others

The best neuroscientific and psychological works show us that the human being, whatever his sex, his race or his environment is by nature called to a social life and to meet the others. But to achieve this, we must accept ourself in a positive way.
Without this ability of encounter and its implementation, we remain at an incomplete stage of maturation. This is why Stratelio's mission is to help coaches, consultants, by offering them an original and novel range of tools and processes in accordance with psychological and systemic schools ; but above all as a support to help theirs clients to open up to themselves .

The individual and the life take precedence over the law, the norms, the environments : initial condition to the expression of the creativity

Beyond the laws, norms and frameworks that are essential to the eveday life in society, the essential path for everyone is first of all to understand who he is, then to identify more or less quickly his own path.
This implies giving oneself a share of freedom, allowing oneself to go beyond pre-set frameworks, moving away from received teachings, certain uses or norms.
Thus the logic of life and the construction of codes only make sense to help everyone live better in community.. However, under no circumstances should these regulations be used on their own.
The law must be a servant of life, not the other way around. As it is read in holly texts, "the Sabbath was made for the man and not the man for the Sabbath" (Mark 2:27) ».
The human being is more important than the law. This is true for any law, even called "divine". And the jurist and philosopher Jean-Etienne-Marie Portalis confirms this in his Preliminary Address on the Draft French Civil Code, " laws are made for men, and not men for laws ".
Ditto for everything that compels.
Consciously or not, everyone spends his life trying to find his share of individuality and creativity, to discover his vocation ; to reject others blocks this process ; to give oneself totally to others, to place oneself in a position of dependence that is too strong blocks this process
The creativity, the inventiveness suppose to take, sometimes a risk, a different way even contrary to the teachings or doctrines, to trace his path, his Way! !