Stratelio, a permanent innovation

Since 2011 and the launch of "DynaStrat®", Stratelio has relentlessly pursued its research and developed new product families.
Stratelio is based on 20th Century scientific data, recently updated by discoveries in the field of neurosciences.
Neurosciences have indeed shed a new light on the functioning of our brain : we have recently learned that the brain is, above all, an energy trigger. At every moment of our professional life - but also our personal life - we act according to set objectives and focus our energy to meet them in the best possible way.
Beyond the notion of energy, based on DynaStrat®, and in complementarity, Stratelio focused its research on the notions of space-time.

Jung and the positions of a Leader

Jung is the true father of personality studies for professional use. His works indeed inspired many schools to develop personality or behavior tests combining analysis and intuition.
From the 1st World War, and during the 2nd World War, Americans performed studies to identify the best context to understand Europeans and live on their territories.
The civil world then took over and society discovered the school of Palo Alto, the works of Mrs. MYER and BRIGGS (MBTI) then Hermann, Sosie, Papie, etc...
We have reworked these theories by applying them to key themes which are fundamental for leaders and their closest teams.

The contribution of neurosciences

A significant turning point was introduced in the 1990s: scientific research indeed became based on new medical imaging tools (MRI, scanners, positron emission tomography), through which knowledge of the brain and its role rapidly improved. Doctors and psychologists began to publish new works which revolutionized the data of the 1970s and 1980s.
What was, up until then, analytical, interpretive, sometimes even intuitive work, gradually became scientific facts, even if this only marked the beginning of a new era of the discovery of human brain functioning.
We can therefore conclude that Jung's theories remain well-founded. Neurosciences, however, have shed a new light on human brain functioning and have defined several key points, namely the following: that our brain is an actual power plant. This power plant supplies, simultaneously, the field of our emotions as well as our rationality. No rational action takes place without an emotional reaction (stimuli), and vice versa.

The experts' input about the time / space relationship

From stress to burnout, we notice the loss of measure of life and its meaning: the short term dominates and we forget the notion of duration, rhythms and seasonality. The multiplicity of systems of life and cultures, the struggle for existence have led to a loss of our bearings.
The work of Professor Lejoyeux - among others - confirm this scientific certainty..
If Einstein, after many philosophers and thinkers, worked on this question, the shock of the unidimensionality of existence and the confrontation of humanity with the conquest of the earth led to an acceleration of the " History ".
In support of Einstein and the work of international Experts, including in France, François Délivré, Stratelio began, with the ChronoStrat® family, a fundamental reflection on the sense of time - space.

Board Directors and Corporate governance

The responsibility for corporate governance is nowadays highlighted. It'es recent. Hence the use, even more recent, of the term "Dirigeance" that Stratelio has been using for more than ten years.
Based on this responsibility and Stratelio's long commitment to this duality of Governance / Dirigeance, we wanted to provide to the professionals involved a range of original and complementary tools.
We studied the various good practices used in France, Europe and North America and international scientific and technical works.
We worked on the works of IFA, created more than 10 years ago in France by Daniel Lebègue, on those of Jacques Grisé at HEC Montréal, those of the IMD Lausanne and the numerous works of Circles of Financial Experts or Corporate lawyers
So, we have created two tools for the Board Directors :

  • The duo DireStrat®/BoardStrat® : each director has the photograph of his actions; the result is a BoardStrat®, an objective work and training basis to optimize the performance of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board
  • The ChronoStrat® Director to analyze how each director divides his / her time between the missions.

An international development

Founded in French and in France, the Stratelio product range is now available in several languages, as English, Spanish/castillan, Italien, German and French canadian. Our international development relies on a large community of Experts, Practitioners and Academics in France, Italy and Canada.
They bring their great enthusiasm for our tolls and help us to integrat them into a certification logic.