Our story

The founders of an innovative approach applied to leadership development

A personal project

Boasting a prestigious cross-disciplinary higher education (Humanities, Law, Science Po Paris [Paris School of Political Science]), Stratelio's founder directed several companies in France and abroad for 20 years, while also teaching at French Universities and Grandes Ecoles.
At the age of 45, he founded his own consultancy firm and has been recognized for the past twenty years as an expert in corporate governance, management and strategy. Specialized in the assessment of leaders and directors, he has provided advice and coaching to over 300 business leaders and their teams, putting into practice the best "personality assessment" tools.
At the age of 55, a difficult period of ill-health led him to discover the theories of neuroscientists and understand the purpose of their discoveries to improve leadership development.. He thus decided to found his work on data which he collects from the best scientific sources and contacts.
Within 3 years, he created and launched the Stratelio product range, subject to a regular updating procedure directly linked to the user advice..


Scientific data processing

Stratelio combines the teachings of Jung and the most recent neuroscientific results.
Neuroscientists teach us why we do not feel tired when working in the fields which attract us, whilst activities which we do not like or like less, wear us out more quickly.
Henri LABORIT demonstrated that our brain directs our choices towards careers, responsibilities and positions which favor our well-being. Directly linked to this theory, Stratelio reveals our "energy footprint", identifies our "preferences" (and reservations), reasons of success, performance or... tiredness
The performance of leaders and their teams is directly linked to the validity of their choice of action: faced today with the end of linear careers, they are all encouraged to define a solid development strategy.

Corporate life lessons

The world of leaders, their experience and teachings constitute the original strength of Stratelio tools. Stratelio indeed draws on its intimate knowledge of leaders' expectations and questions: these are quickly identified in the DynaStrat, TeamStrat or ChronoStrat mappings since these are designed around their careers, responsibilities, and methods.
Daniel BOS, through his work as Leader, Consultant and University Academic, succeeded in establishing a synthesis and improved it through the experience of his clients, colleagues and active members of international leaders' networks..